Dear Reader

Welcome to my Humanities Portfolio, an accumulation of my work throughout the year and the documentation of my perspective at this point in my education at Davidson. To guide this portfolio, the assorted pieces align under one uniting theme which courses through history: the search for community. As life has currently been uprooted by the Corona Virus pandemic, and our Davidson community has been scattered, it only seems fitting to use this portfolio as a lens to examine the nature of community. Within this course, we’ve explored revolution as it relates to art, politics, and humanity. This portfolio highlights the importance of community, and the relationship between the individual and the whole, as a key aspect in creating revolution and in defining humanity. To learn more about how I’ve connected the theme of community to Humes, you can navigate to my my research paper below.

The rest of the work in this portfolio includes: a definition of (H)humanities followed by Revolution, unit posts, a campus commentary, and a revised essay.

Above all, I suggest you read this portfolio with a smile, at least while you browse through a look into my world, carry yourself with joy : )

Warm Regards,

Julie Moock

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.