Creative Textual Work

These acrostic poems were inspired by both my time in Humes and in quarantine. Amidst the isolation and loss of connection, one thing has been able to keep me afloat, the Humes community. I’ve discussed the idea of community throughout this portfolio, but it is critically important in light of the pandemic. Before this year, I would’ve defined a community as a group of people who live together and share a common set of goals. This time has expanded what it means to be a community. Davidson students no longer share the same physical space, but we are no less of a community. For me, it seems that what truly defines community is a desire to aid and better one another, not for our own sake, but for the larger whole. Where the individual finds such a space for empathy and passion, a community exists. Community is not dependent on where we are born, nor on how others choose to see us, but rather on the people that we decide to stand beside.