During the first half of quarantine, I knitted a scarf with “Revolution” stitched into the fabric for my non-textual piece. Knitting was a way for me to keep occupied while under isolation. It served to keep the humes community in my mind while we have been so far away. After spending quite a few weeks thinking about how to define revolution, humanity, and community, there is one point of intersection that this project highlighted for me. In tumultuous times, such as revolution, or in this case the current pandemic, finding some outlet to hold onto what makes us human is essential. Having a community to relate to and a group of people to empathize with will promote strength during difficult times. When we find this community in which a real sense of belonging emerges, like humes, we must work to strengthen those ties. Metaphorically, this scarf is my anchor to the rest of humes. For me, I was able to keep myself sane by placing energy into a productive outlet based around my community.